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Puppy Classes

Level 1

Puppy Primary School

Attentive response to name, recall, lead walking, toy play, food manners, impulse control, basic positions, giving things up when asked, examination and handling, and more.

All that combined with plenty of safe off lead socialisation, enrichment and confidence building exercises.

Additional weekly emails with plenty of video recordings allow you to stay on track even if you miss a class.

No minimum age limit - the first vaccination is required

Upper age limit - 6 months at the start of the class


Thursday the 25th of July at 7:30 PM (fully booked)

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Level 2

Puppy High School

This course includes The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment.

We polish all the skills acquired during the Level 1 course, but also start proofing then against distractions.

We practice the skill of listening and responding to known cues in a high level of excitement.

We also teach our puppies more complex exercises, like foundations for future heelwork, longer duration stays, the leave cue and more.

Minimum age at the start of the course - 5 months

Maximum age by the time we finish - 12 months


Thursday the 25th of July at 6:15 PM (fully booked)

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