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About Us

See the world through canine eyes

Meet Team Harburn Dog Academy



Dutch Herder x Belgian Malinois. One of my IGP and Agility dogs. The cuddliest and sweetest of all my dogs, as well as the most intense, toy obsessed maniac.



Rottweiler. My first IGP, Obedience and Mantrailing dog. Currently retired from sports due to health issues. Invaluable help assessing and helping reactive dogs.



Belgian Malinois. One of my IGP and Agility dogs. Full of personalities ;) A living proof that breed does not define a dog.



Staffie X from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Our Golden Oldie. A living proof that breed matters and genetics can be a powerful factor in shaping a dog's personality.



Papillon. Our little sunshine and an Agility star. Absolute social butterfly. Loves working with other dogs. Helped number of dogs come out of their shell and thrive.


The Boys

Borys, Casper, Max & Arthur. Our dog savvy lambs that will be helping out with the sheep awareness training when they grow up. Being very brave and curious they already volunteer their presence during some of the classes.

About the trainer

My name is Gosia Bates. I first moved to London in 2009 and that’s when my career working with dogs started. A few years later, after visiting Edinburgh and falling in love with Scotland, I moved up North. After a few years living in Fife and running some of my classes in Edinburgh, we found a beautiful piece of land located in West Lothian just outside of Livingston. In 2021 Harburn Dog Academy was born. Since then our centre is constantly growing, developing and improving. Thanks to my wonderful clients and the little dog crazy community we have created together that piece of land morphed into the incredible training centre it is now. 

I use motivational based methods in training, but I am also a strong believer that life dogs is much more than just training. Understanding canine social communication, creating a strong bond based on mutual trust and respect are in the centre of my focus in everything I do.

My passion is helping working line dogs thrive in pet homes, as well as helping the owners of those dogs understand their 4 legged workaholics better. 


Professional recommendations

I first met Gosia when she was a client of mine with her lovely Rottweiler, Gonzo, but it rapidly became obvious that, as in all the best client-vet relationships, we were working as a team. In fact, I’m not sure that I wasn’t more impressed with her skills as a trainer and handler than she had reason to be with mine as a chronic pain clinician! Gosia demonstrated the most impressive practical  example of co operative care in action, allowing me to examine a patient who, because of pain and temperament, would otherwise been impossible to examine with the subtlety needed for a chronic pain assessment. 

There is an impressive set up at Harburn that I wish I had had in my days of treating animal behaviour problems and I am consequently sending her way patients and owners who need support, frequent access to training and a safe space in which to practice newly learned skills.

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